Case Study: Cold Email Marketing Success with Leads Generated by Concierge Leads


We conducted a beta test with our Customer, a virtual receptionist company in based in Florida, showcasing exceptional results in lead quality, conversion rates, and overall profitability.

Key Data Points:
● We generated 50 high-quality, intent-based search leads in real time for our virtual receptionist company customer in a beta test.
● The leads were sold at an competitive rate per lead and a % of commission from leads that convert to
sales, agreed upon between both parties.

Email Metrics:
● A remarkable 98.9% email delivery rate ensured optimal reach for the generated leads.
● The initial email achieved a notable 40% open rate, indicating strong engagement.
● 16 opt-ins were recorded over a 45 day email sequence, demonstrating keen interest in trialing the

Post-Trial Sales:
● The virtual receptionist client acquired 14 new clients as a result of the lead generation efforts from the 50 leads.
● Each of the 14 new clients represents a monthly sale of minimally $350 for the lowest tier virtual
receptionist package.

Profitability Breakdown for the Virtual Receptionist Company:
● With a per lead price of $50 per lead = $2500 initial investment.
● For each of the 14 sales, the Client earns $350 per month totaling a $4,900 per month increase in
revenue. With a minimum churn rate of 12 months, those leads will bring an increase of $58,800 per year
in revenue.
● $58,800 minus the $2500 lead investment = $56,300 per year increase in revenue for the Client.

Profitability Breakdown for Concierge Leads:
● $50 per lead generated = $2,500

Conclusion: This case study illustrates Concierge Leads effectiveness in
generating real-time high-intent search leads at a competitive cost and converting those leads into
high-value customers. With impressive open rates, opt-ins, and
subsequent sales, the partnership between us and our
Customer showcases Concierge Leads’ potential to revolutionize the lead
generation landscape and contribute significantly to business success.

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