Case Study: Mogul Processing Cold Email Marketing Success with Leads Generated by Concierge Leads

Overview: Mogul Processing, a credit card processing company, with no cold email experience, showing
amazing results with open rates, conversion rates, as well as a profitable campaign.

Key Data Points:
● Mogul Processing generated 100 high-quality leads in a test batch searching for keywords related
to point of sale, credit card processing, cash discount processing, etc.
● The leads were bought at a competitive rate per lead for the industry at $3 per lead.

Email Metrics:
● A 99% email delivery rate for the generated leads.
● The initial email had a 44% open rate, revealing relevancy to the recipients in what they were
searching for.
● 5 opt-ins on the first initial email, another 60 day email sequence ended up having 4 more, so 9
op-ins in total making it known to Mogul Processing that the prospective customers who opted in
were looking for the product being offered through the keywords searched with Concierge Leads’

Post-Trial Sales:
● Mogul Processing acquired 3 new clients as a result of the lead generation efforts from the 100
● Each of the 3 new clients represents a monthly sale of minimally $300 for the lowest monthly
cash discount offer for Mogul Processing.

Profitability Breakdown for “ABC Processing”:
● For each of the 3 sales, Mogul Processing earns $300 per month totaling a $900 per month
increase in revenue minimum.
● The average life of a customer for Mogul Processing is on average 4 years.
● 3 new customers x $300 x 48 months = $43,200.
● $43,200 minus the $300 lead investment = $42,900 increase per 4 years or $10,725 increase per
year or $873.75 increase per month in revenue for Mogul Processing.

This case study illustrates Mogul Processing effectiveness in generating leads at a competitive cost and converting those leads into high-value customers. With impressive open rates and subsequent sales, Mogul Processing showcases Concierge Leads’ potential to revolutionize the lead generation landscape and contribute significantly to business success.


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