Concierge AI Lead Generation Services

Pre-Qualified & Targeted AI Lead Generation Services

Want a magical crystal ball predicting your next customers?

How it works:

  1. Using our proprietary software, we monitor search traffic across the entire internet.
  2. When somebody starts a search for a keyword(s) that you are interested in, we follow them…
  3. When they consume two pieces of relevant content, we call that a qualified in-market lead.
  4. Once we get that lead, we go to a big data source and buy their contact information.
  5. That gives us/you permission to contact them with marketing offers because they’ve opted in at that data source.
  6. Then we deliver that lead to you in REAL TIME so you can contact them immediately while they are searching, it’s like mind reading.

What you’ll get:

Contact information of people searching for your product, service or offer in real-time.

1. Prospect's first name
2. Last name
3. Up to 2 phone numbers
4. Up to 2 email addresses
5. Current mailing address
6. The keyword phrase they were identified searching for.

Stop burning your marketing budget on ads, clicks, SEO, etc. You can now predictably generate buyer leads & pay only for qualified leads searching for your offer in real time!


Between $2.5 and $10 per lead across all verticals depending on the number of leads you’re buying.

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