Case Study: Diabetic Supply Company + Concierge Leads = 2,122% ROI

Company: Diabetic Supply Company, San Diego, CA

Industry: Healthcare

Challenge: Diabetic Supply Company was looking for ways to increase lead generation for their
online purchasing website (they sell diabetic supplies). They were using a variety of paid
advertising channels, and they work, but they were looking to increase their results. They were
spending a lot of money on advertising, but wanted to get a better return on investment.

Solution: Diabetic Supply Company decided to try using Concierge Leads. They used both site visitors
and search leads filtered against their current customer database to avoid duplicate leads. Our leads are pre-qualified since they are either visitors to their site or searched exactly what the company is offering, so a perfect fit for an audience. They added our leads to their FB audiences and built look-alike audiences.

Results: Diabetic Supply Company started using our leads in the fall of 2023. In the first month,
their ROI increased by 200%. In the next 3 months, it increased another 300%. And now, 5
months later, their ROI is 2,122%, up from 1,385%.On average, this campaign is now
generating 59 orders and purchases of $18,557.00 per week at a total cost of $835 (advertising
and leads). This is up from $7-$9k per week when they started so over double their original
weekly purchases.
Diabetic Supply Company is very pleased with the results they are getting from Concierge Leads and
continue to use us. They are now planning to expand their marketing with postcard and email
campaigns to both visitor and search leads. Of course they already have a positive return from
their leads investment so the only costs will be postage, printing and mailing costs.
Company founders call these leads ‘a no brainer’ and said this cuts their lead acquisition in half
compared to other advertising. Plus they can now further nurture these leads in various ways.
They are confident that Concierge Leads will continue to be a valuable source of leads for their

Conclusion: Concierge Leads are a great way for most businesses to generate high-quality,
pre-targeted leads. They are a truly cost-effective way to reach potential customers and drive


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